- Baby blanket. Preferably one that you have used so it has their smell on it.


- DUMMY. This is very important. It can sometimes be the make or break of an image. Please don't worry. If you don't intend to use a dummy as your baby will not get used to it within a couple of hours. 

-Essentials: Nappies and wipes. Kellie will also have some spare in the studio if needed. 

- Bring snacks and water. 

- Bring an iPad, or colouring/toys if you have older kids. 


- Extra bottles if you are bottle feeding. 



-Please keep baby awake as much as possible before your session. Give a nice long bath, followed by a massage/tummy time. Right before you leave give a nice big feed.


- Please dress baby in a zip onesie with NO singlet. So we don't need to pull anything over babies head.



- Kellie will spend up to 3 hours with your newborn. You would have previously communicated if there were any specific set ups you would have liked. 

- Kellie will stop for top ups, cuddles etc as baby takes the lead. Please be open to giving top up feeds during the session.

- The studio will be heated and will get quite hot. Please dress with layers. The reason for heating the studio is that i photograph them undressed, and they cannot yet regulate their body temperature. 

- There is x2 comfortable seats for you to sit in. I ask that the parents remain in this area. I am more than happy for you to walk over and have a sneak peak. But its quite amazing how quick they can smell mum, and of course want to feed hehe! 

- If breastfeeding please refrain from eating anything spicy 24 hours before the session. This can sometimes cause gas, which means the baby will be uncomfortable. 

- If there are siblings we will start with those images first. That way if they become restless Dad can take them out for a play. 




- I tend to tell my clients to stick to neutral colours. No logos or character t shirts. If you are into colour then please choose 2-3 between you all. 

- Siblings: they will be photographed bare foot. A nice dress, jeans and plain t-shirt.